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May 12, 2023

Issue 1 Written by Genevieve

May 12, 2023

Hello and welcome to the first installment of The Stearns Post. This is a newly created project that will feature an animal each post, and will include any recent updates about the farm.

The first featured animal is…

Pete the African Pygmy Goat. Pete is one of our 4 pygmy or “little goats” that live on the farm.  Pete is around 7 years old and has been at the farm his entire life.  Pete enjoys playing with the other goats, going on walks, and getting treats by learning new skills.  Pete is one of Stearns 4-H projects, and will be shown at the Cuyahoga County Fair later this summer.  Pete along with his 4-H member have won first place showing in years past.  Pete is known at the farm for his sassy personality.  When Pete isn’t busy bossing everyone around or getting spoiled you can find him in the goat yard soaking up the sun. 

Some recent updates at the farm are…

The farm’s opening day!  The farm will be opening up for the season this Saturday, May 13th.  The community will be able to come and visit the farm and all the residents.  Visitors will be able to meet and interact with animals, get veggies to feed the animals, and much more.  Visitors will also be able to view the new enrichment area that was built for the large companion goats, and sheep.  The enrichment area allows the goats to climb and play in ways they haven’t been able to before.  Having enrichment helps to make an animal’s overall quality of life much better because it gets their brain working and learning.  

Hope to see you on opening day!


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