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4-H Club

Homestead Hoofers

The Homestead sponsors a 4-H youth group which was started to educate the youth of our area about the history and agriculture as well as what it was like to live on a farm and care for the animals.

Members are required to come to the homestead a minimum of three days a week to care for the animal assigned to them.  They learn nutrition, grooming, and facts about that particular animal throughout the year.

Club members and parents will be asked to participate in community events, the county fair in August and volunteer one day of a weekend each month and for Homestead special events.

The club program year begins with a registration meeting each year in February-March and runs through November with a monthly meeting at the Homestead.

To receive notification of the registration meeting via email please send your name, your child(children) name, age(s) and contact information (phone and email) to

Homestead Hoofers at the Cuyahoga County Fair

Requirements are as follows:

  • To be eligible for an animal project, participant must be 8 years of age by January 1st of the application year.  Cloverbuds are 6-8 years of age and can participate in all areas of interest except animal projects.
  • Participant are required to come to the Homestead and care for their animal a minimum of three times per week .
  • Members must also participate in Homestead events, fundraising and community service projects.
  • A first year fee of $25.00 per club member is required which includes a club T-shirt and animal project book to track the animal’s care.
  • Club member families are required to join the Parma Area Historical Society (PAHS) – a $10.00 yearly membership fee.
  • No other fees are required unless participant changes animal selection in next year; then a new book is required.
  • Animals are assigned according to the ability of the participant and animal availability.
  • Orientation meetings for open enrollment will be held annually in February or early March in the Homestead cabin.

For further information, contact the Homestead Hoofer AdvisorE-mail:

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